2012/13 NFL Super Bowl Predictions

An aggregate display of Super Bowl champion picks by pundits, columnists, and experts across the Internet

The Internet is full of opinions. No opinion is more anticipated in the sports world than predictions of a season about to start. With the NFL season underway this weekend, the Internet was flooded with pundits, columnists, and self-defined experts sharing their predictions for 2012/13.

This is an aggregation of 41 Super Bowl picks, made be reputable commentators from major outlets such as ESPN and NFL.com. It looks like those in the know really like the Green Bay Packers, while many are shying away from a NY Giants repeat.

This project was created by Kris Gösser, who resides in Milwaukee, WI. He is thrilled and frightened by the support Green Bay is receiving this year.


To contribute more sources, send a tweet to @krisgosser — the more data points, the better!

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