Catalyze is a HIPAA compliant cloud built by a distributed team. I lead telling Catalyze's story—the purpose, the brand, the vision—as VP of Marketing.

In the past I designed and managed products at HarQen in Milwaukee as VP of Product. I'm lucky enough to be originally from beautiful Door County, Wisconsin, one of the best places this country has to offer.

I'm married to my best friend, Rena. We have a lot in common. The Venn diagram of music interests is pretty similar, though my favorite music is Four Tet or Real Estate and hers The Smashing Pumpkins or The Flaming Lips. We share a love for sports, travel, and gardening.

I'm interested in design, technology, economics, maps, communication, music, spy thrillers, chess, cooking, and fly fishing.

You can reach me at

What I Learned About Product

An exploration on lessons learned as a product designer and manager. I look for simple models to find clarity in chaos.

The Lab: A Series of Experiments

A collection of challenges as a way for continous learning. Current favorite: Tweet Translator.

Previously I was involved in these projects:

Shipmate — Instantly compare shipping rates across UPS®, FedEx®, and USPS®. Built with Matt Stockton and Kevin Lindbergh.

The project was fun, but has since been taken offline.

Dayda — A tiny daily data tracking application. Delightfully simple data input combined with gorgeous charts. Built on Python/Django/Postgres/Heroku with Matt Stockton and Jesse Vogt.

The project taught me a lot about visualizations, but is now offline.

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Nodal — Visually explore your network graph. A D3.js experiment built with Matt Stockton and Jesse Vogt.

View a demo of Nodal

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Symposia — Conference calling with a synchronized web session, providing participants with a way to take notes tied to a recording. A break-through approach to how people interact with recorded conversations. Built at HarQen.

Take a tour of Symposia

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Voice Advantage — Automated phone interviews for HR and Staffing professionals. A novel product that created a new, booming market: virtual interviewing. Built at HarQen.

Visit Voice Advantage

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Blurbs — Conversation wrapper for the web, like an audio version of Disqus. Winner of a 2011 hackathon with Matt Stockton.

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Dillon The Villain — Transmedia storytelling property produced by Matt Sabljak from 2008-2011. I built a conceptual prototype for how stories can be told in HTML. The project is presently unavailable.